Childserve Center


ChildServe Center
Johnston, Iowa

In 1999 ChildServe occupied 4 different locations across Des Moines.  In an effort to bring together all services under one roof, the ChildServe Center was designed in Johnston at the former location of Des Moines Soccer and Sport Center.  In response to a growing demand for services for children with special needs, and their families, ChildServe sought to integrate their many community services including adaptive equipment, homecare, respite, supported community living, and outpatient therapy.   The new, 42,000 sf 100% wheelchair-accessible building offers services to children in a warm and friendly environment.  Colors and materials were selected that provide a relaxing environment, but care was taken to select materials that would not be distracting to children with autism or other visual fixation challenges.  Wall and floor finishes were selected that are easy for carts and wheel chairs to navigate by children with special needs. Spaces include: a therapy gymnasium with equipment and a playground, viewing areas for therapy activities; a respite facility that provides a homelike environment for weekend care or extended care.   A shop and service center was provided to adapt and modify wheel chairs and apparatus used by children with special needs.

Completion Date: June, 2003

Project Size: 43,000 SF

Type of Delivery:  Negotiated