Pleasantville Baptist Church


Pleasantville Baptist Church
Pleasantville, Iowa

Pleasantville Baptist Church currently occupies an old school building.  Rent is cheap but utilities are astronomical.  With a tight budget, Pleasantville Baptist approached ETHOS Design Group to design a new facility including offices, classrooms, a nursery, and worship space.  Project Manager and Architect Tim Olson brought contractors and consultants in early allowing for a controlled, accurate and low cost estimate.  ETHOS Design Group also provided Interior Design services including finishes and furniture.  The church completed construction in the Fall of 2015 with a $69 per SF cost.

Completion Date:  Fall 2015

Project Size:   13,680 SF

Project Cost: $950,000

Project Team: 

  • Tim Olson: Project Manager / Project Architect

  • Rebecca Cantrall, Interior Designer

  • Larry Elwood Construction

Project Type:  Worship