Scholte Hall Renovation


Scholte Hall Renovation
Central College, Pella, Iowa

Scholte Hall was originally built in 3 phases, in 1964, 1966 and 1967. No significant updates or improvements had been done since then.  This project was a complete renovation of all Mechanical, Electrical & Technology systems in the building, plus a complete ADA upgrade, making the building 100% Accessible.

The 300 student dormitory was updated to meet 21st century student needs. A completely new mechanical and electrical system to provide air conditioning and updated power and data capabilities for the student residents was designed and installed.  Interior renovations provided a fresh, new look and feel for not only individual student comfort, but also to provide comfortable group study and relaxation spaces.

A true partnership between the owner, architects, engineers, and contractors made this project, with Construction delivered in less than 13 weeks, possible.  The Scholte Hall Renovation received the 2009 Master Builders of Iowa Master's Award$1 to 10 million category.

Completion Date:  2008

Project Size:  67,000 SF

Budget: $7.75M

Type of Delivery:  Fast Track

Project Team:

  • Tim Olson: Principal-in-Charge / Project Manager / Project Architect with SVPA

  • Saul Engineering

  • Holabird and Root MEP

  • The Weitz Company

  • Baker Electric/ Waldinger

Project Type:  Higher Education  -  Residential/Multifamily